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About Us

Stan Morse founded the Twin Oaks Team, Inc. in 1997. During his 30+ years in the Printing Industry, Stan recruited and hired hundreds of talented printing professionals. These employees helped a 25,000-sq. ft. two-color Sheet-fed operation grow into a large Web and Sheet-fed Company occupying a new World Class 115,000-sq. ft. ultra modern, printing facility he conceived, designed and nurtured to completion.

Today, the Twin Oaks Team helps clients’ businesses grow with both talented employees and targeted consulting. We offer dedicated searches for Management, Sales and Skilled Production employees on a national, regional or local level. We have found talented people who have successfully filled positions including: General Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Operations Manager, Technical Services Manager, Customer Service, Estimating, Digital & Conventional Prepress Workers, Sheet-fed & Web Press Supervisors and Operators, Bindery Supervisors, Bindery Machine Operators and Maintenance Technicians. Our extensive database includes many thousands of talented printing career professionals and highly skilled machine operators seeking to advance.

We are committed to making a difference in the field of recruiting. We seek to set a very high ethical standard. This assures you that as you work with the Twin Oaks Team to find your next excellent employee, you will be working with someone who not only has printing knowledge, but also seeks to establish a benefit for your company without disturbing another company’s employees at work.

The Twin Oaks Team finds the talent you need without making calls to potential candidates while they are at work. Our hours are designed to allow candidates to call us in the evening or off-shift hours. We advertise every month is three major trade journals, several newspapers, search the WWW, and network with many others to find excellent candidates already interested in making a change. We have a database of candidates in all disciplines of printing obtained through our advertising and contacts. We will always deal honestly and frankly with all clients and candidates to maintain open and comfortable relationships.

Flexible fee and guarantee schedules are available to meet the individual needs and difficulty factors of each search. The major factors affecting the difficulty of the search are the position and shift to be filled, as well as the location and compensation/benefits package. Since we work on a local, regional or national level, one fee for all searches is just not comprehensive. Therefore, we will work with you to establish a fee that is fair for the search we undertake. All fees are contingent upon you selecting and hiring one or more of our candidates. Our guarantee is the best in this business.

Due to this flexibility and the contingency nature of our fee, we require a signed fee schedule from you before we begin an in-depth search. Once you have signed and returned our fee schedule, we will go to work quickly to provide you with excellent and interested candidates. The candidate’s resume will be forwarded to you along with a letter of introduction from the Twin Oaks Team. Each candidate will know exactly who we will be introducing him or her to before you receive their information. To simplify your communications with a candidate, we make arrangements so that you may call their home at your convenience. Or, just let us know and we will make and confirm any arrangements to suit your individual needs.

The more we know about your company and the way you work, the better we can find candidates who will work out best for you. We would like to visit with you in person and tour your facility. Our experience will allow this visit to be brief, yet comprehensive. We ask all clients to provide an equipment list if available. Having an idea of your size, shift arrangements and benefits are extremely valuable to us so we can quickly find the most qualified candidates for your company. We will need to talk about what level of privacy you will want if we are to fax resumes, most can now be sent by e-mail. Mailed copies of resumes are automatically sent to you.

Fill out the form and we will send you a fee agreement. When we receive it signed we will call for details, or just call Stan Morse at 1-919-870-5737 to discuss your needs today!

We will forward resumes to you and listen for your feedback. We can zero in on your ideal candidate even quicker with your feedback, and it is always welcome, regardless of its vein or flavor. Please call the Twin Oaks Team anytime. Some clients communicate with us almost entirely by e-mail.

Consulting Service

The Twin Oaks Team provides two unusual consulting services. They are our unique service for crisis intervention for the workplace, especially tailored for the printing industry and expert witness services.

Business Crisis Intervention

We offer specialized consulting to solve seemingly unsolvable problems that threaten to have a significant, undesirable business impact. As with recruiting, this service is offered with a contingency fee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
This rare category of consulting is designed to save huge legal costs and to restore relationships in a speedy and unique manner. Consider using this service for crisis intervention with suppliers, employees, and customers. The services offered here help resolve:
• Disputes with suppliers, employees, and customers.
• New equipment start-up or performance problems resulting in disputes.
• Supply contract interference.
• Major customer loss or pending loss.
• Resolving sexual harassment complaints.
• Personnel conflict resolution.

Expert Witness

We are available to testify as a neutral party on matters pertaining to environmental and safety issues, machine performance, employee relations, proof, print and finishing quality, and other printing related subjects.

When your team needs help, call the Twin Oaks Team!


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